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Writing is speaking perfectly the second time around. Or maybe third, or fourth, or… hang on, I’m on edit six and it’s still looking far from perfect.  But you know what I mean. It’s strange though, that when I hear … Continue reading

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Short Story Back Up.

I had to take this down a little while ago, but it’s back up now.  Hope you enjoy.    Forever     I watched as a lonely sun floated just above the sea: it’s lonely because it’s unique; lonely because of … Continue reading

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Who the F*$k wrote that sh*t!!

That’s right.  I’m still editing the novel. It is an interesting experience when you read back through a large body of work that you’ve written, and actually, despite the title of this blog (we’ll come to that in a moment) … Continue reading

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Things are Picking up.

Sometimes things just happen.  Well, things are just happening at the moment. I have been writing without an audience for a very long time, and was kind of getting used to it.  I quite liked the work I was producing, … Continue reading

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Writing 101 – writing tips by Morgen Bailey

Originally posted on Morgen Bailey:
In the absence of a guest blog today, I thought I’d bring you the contents of my Writing 101 (tips) page, just in case you’ve not explored this site (there’s a lot to see). Regardless of how much you’ve written…

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Why Do I Want People to See My Work?

It’s funny, the amount of times I’ve listened to myself saying something along the lines of; ‘I just write for myself really.’  Or; ‘I write because I have to.’  If these rather cliched statements are close to the truth, then … Continue reading

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Back To It. Wedding’s Over.

   That’s right.  I am now a married man, as of September the 21st of this very year, and it was the best day of my entire life.  That said, I do find myself drawing in a breath, holding it … Continue reading

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