Back Again. Preparing the Query Package

Well I just checked my last blog post and it was from over a year ago – wow.  I didn’t realise how long I hadn’t been here for, and how easy it was for things to slip.  I’m currently on draft number 4384 of the novel and it’s going well!

Only joking, of course, but I am trying to secure an agent at the moment and keep spotting pesky typos that I seem to have become almost blind to.  Also part way through another novel – about forty-thousand words – which I am hoping to get a first draft of completed in the next few months.  It has taken while to put together a decent query package, having to condense a story which seems so big into a few sentences, and making a synopsis informative whilst trying to not be dull, but I think I am beginning to get somewhere.

I’ll try not to leave it so long before I post again next time.


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