Here is the second of my character introductions for my novel Tidemarks.

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‘Cheers, Mike,’ Farrer said as he tucked the package into his rucksack.  ‘They’re going mad for this shit, man – seems to be the time for Ketamine!’ he smiled.

‘So I’ll be seeing you again soon, then?’ asked Mike.

‘I reckon so.’  Farrer handed over a roll of notes before slipping the bag on his back.  ‘I’ll try to let you know if I’m running low ahead of time, so you’ve got some notice.’  Farrer stuck out his hand.  ‘Nice doing business with you, man.’

Mike took his hand and shook it.  ‘You take care now, Farrer.’

‘You know me!’

‘Yeah, I do.  So like I say – be careful!’

Farrer said his final goodbyes and headed back out into the night.  He wheeled his pushbike out from the shadows, straddled it and then pushed off, taking a deep breath of air and smiling to himself.  This city was good to him.  It gave him the life he wanted, and he rarely stopped to question whether dealing drugs was the right thing to do or not.  It was just what he had always done.  He lit a cigarette and let gravity pull his bike gently downhill, smoke trailing out the side of his mouth as it did.

He thought back to what Mike had said just before he’d left – You take care now – and decided that he should probably accept the advice.  He’d been selling more and more lately, and he supposed it must be taking trade from some of the other dealers in the area.  But they were people you shouldn’t really fuck about with; they sorted things out their own way.

The blue flash of a police car’s lights caught the red brick of the terraced houses.  Farrer heard the stressed engine first, then the car rounded the corner, tyres rushing against the tarmac; he turned off and took a back street, joining the main road again once he thought it had passed – couldn’t be too careful, not with his cargo.  He was already looking forward to the weekend ahead.  Another party, another excuse for hedonism.  Not that you needed much of an excuse in Leeds; there was always somewhere to go and get fucked up.  It was a city that thrived on it, and it supported a major drug problem, which was perfect if your business was selling them.

He pulled his phone out of his pocket and dialled a number.  ‘Alright, Jay, it’s me, man’ he said.  ‘Fancy grabbing a beer?’

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