I Thought I’d Cracked It!


I put the final correction to the last page of my novel, sat back, and sighed a breath of relief.  Finished, I thought. All that was left to do was to enter the corrections into the computer, print out the new document, and then my readers could start their job.  Wonderful.

So I began to update the manuscript, starting from the beginning again.  But what’s this?  No, this isn’t right!  This doesn’t work!.  Bugger.

It can be a little disheartening when you realise that you have to do more work when you thought you were finished, but it has to be done.  I have always been afraid of letting things go until I am sure they are perfect, and this story is no exception.  At the other end of the  scale, though, I am beginning to grow a little tired of this project now, which is inevitable when I have spent so long with the story and the characters.  But I’m still excited about it, because it is nearly there, it is nearly ready.  My readers will just have to wait for a couple of weeks longer.

Then there will be the rewrites from their feedback of course, but we’ll deal with that when we get to it.

So I’ll stick with my mantra of “nearly there” and crack on.


P.S as a little note to other WordPress users: I can’t seem to get the related posts option when I write posts anymore – I’ve made sure it’s on in the system menus, but still no joy.  Any ideas anyone.

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4 Responses to I Thought I’d Cracked It!

  1. simonsylvester says:

    I’ve redrafted The Visitors about a dozen times now, from inception to completion. I reckon no more than 25% of the original manuscript survives. Stick at it, Rob!

    • Cheers, Simon. I feel like I’m beginning to get there – but it felt like that a while ago, too. I suppose that the good thing is that after every redraft, the manuscript looks in far better shape.

      Good luck with it all my friend!

  2. Thanks for following my blog. I have a manuscript holding the laundry room door open. It needs so much help I figure this is the way it can earn its keep.

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