Things are Picking up.

Sometimes things just happen.  Well, things are just happening at the moment.

I have been writing without an audience for a very long time, and was kind of getting used to it.  I quite liked the work I was producing, but was, of course, very close to it, so had a bit of a funny perspective on things.  As of late I have been seeking out an audience, and it has been going quite well.  You see, I was a bit worried that I might have been suffering from X-Factor syndrome, which is where you have a misplaced belief in yourself and your capabilities.  This fear is starting to be allayed now by others viewing my work.

Not only have I had people I know read my work, but there have been people in the industry read it too – and they liked it.  I have recently had a rejection – but a positive one where I was told that the decision came after some discussion, and that the quality of my work was high but too similar to another story they’d read, and they would like me to send them future work.  To me that is great to hear.  I also have the possibility of having an article published on another site; again, great.

So at the moment, with the first draft of my novel down as well, things are looking good, and I’m feeling positive about it all.

That’s all for now,


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