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Things are Picking up.

Sometimes things just happen.  Well, things are just happening at the moment. I have been writing without an audience for a very long time, and was kind of getting used to it.  I quite liked the work I was producing, … Continue reading

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Writing 101 – writing tips by Morgen Bailey

Originally posted on MorgEn Bailey – Editor, Comp Columnist/Judge, Tutor & Writing Guru:
In the absence of a guest blog today, I thought I’d bring you the contents of my Writing 101 (tips) page, just in case you’ve not explored this site (there’s a…

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Why Do I Want People to See My Work?

It’s funny, the amount of times I’ve listened to myself saying something along the lines of; ‘I just write for myself really.’  Or; ‘I write because I have to.’  If these rather cliched statements are close to the truth, then … Continue reading

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Back To It. Wedding’s Over.

   That’s right.  I am now a married man, as of September the 21st of this very year, and it was the best day of my entire life.  That said, I do find myself drawing in a breath, holding it … Continue reading

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