What do you say when there’s nothing to say?

Well, life has really thrown a lot of stuff at me lately.  All of them are things experienced by other people as well – but when it’s you, you think that it is somehow different; you got the hard version of whatever it is.

I’m not going to blather on about all of that though, I’m just going to say that it has disrupted my writing quite a bit, and it seems that when I’m not writing my brain shuts down all together and I stop making thoughts, or ideas, or sense.

The causes are normal, but the predicament is not.  I feel like this blogging has to be kept going, (I still feel like a newbie even though I have been doing it for a while now), but how do I do that with an empty mind.  I should point out that this is not writers’ block, but just lack of time to get down to any serious writing: I want to write, I just don’t have the window of opportunity, and when I don’t write I feel different – less productive in every element of my life.

I think that might be one of the main reasons why I have to make up stories – so I have something else to think about.  I use them to focus all of my worries upon, worries that would otherwise be put onto me instead of my fictional characters.  But now the stories are not being allowed the time to breathe, my worries are back on me, instead of my characters.  Bugger.

Oh well; my good Lady Time will surely make herself available to me again soon, and life will again be being translated into paragraphs and sentences and clauses, and the whole thing will have sorted itself out:

Then I might be able to write something of some use.

Nice one if you read it.  If not: I don’t blame you.


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7 Responses to What do you say when there’s nothing to say?

  1. katemsparkes says:

    I understand this feeling. I know for a fact that my stories are on some level a coping mechanism for dealing with depression, and if I don’t get time to write, I lose everything I’ve gained (mentally and emotionally). Not having time to write is a huge challenge, one that most people wouldn’t understand. “It’s just a hobby…” Yeah, OK.

    I hope things get back to normal for you soon, that you have time to get back at it and work things out.

  2. Huw Thomas says:

    Interesting perspective on why we write. I guess I don’t often stop to think about why I write…
    Sometimes I write just for the fun of it. Making up stuff can be the best fun there is – I’ve done all kinds of stuff through my characters that I probably wouldn’t do in reality (for various reasons).
    Other times, though, it’s more visceral. It’s just there: a need, a nagging feeling, a sense of something that wants to be released. What you say makes good sense.
    Good luck sorting out all the life stuff.

  3. julitownsend says:

    Good luck, Rob. It’s the pits when ‘life’ interferes with writing, rather than enhancing it.

  4. sknicholls says:

    Fiction writers are more useful than you may know. I feel as a blogger sometimes that I don’t offer any useful information or substance that people can use on a daily basis, like financial advice, spiritual healing, or engaging activities, but my husband reminds me that is not what I do. I don’t write how to books or self-help books, or a mommy blog so branding is more of a challenge. I know a few fiction writers who blog short stories about the lives of the characters in their books that are not revealed in total in their novels, or who expound with character illustrations for their fantasy writing. One thing I do know is that writers on wordpress support each other and that makes blogging fun. Greg , my husband, reads two or three books every week. He says loosing himself in fiction is what helps him get through real life on a day to day basis, much like our writing does for us. What we offer is invaluable to someone like him. As a reader who likes to connect with the authors of work I read, being fascinated by how their minds work, I love reading the every day mundane things that get posted and much of it is quite witty and intelligent.

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