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Short Story Writing.

I used to hate writing short stories.  In fact, only a couple of months ago I was writing about how restricting I found them; but now I think I’ve finally got it. I think the problem came from wanting to … Continue reading

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10 links for writers

Originally posted on Jill London:
      Top links to help you discover more about the wonderful world of writing.   Writing sites, Magazines Market listings, Agency listings and more: Thoughts on writing, publishing and book marketing:…

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Praise for a Short Story.

Someone has read something I’ve written and they’ve liked it.  As much as I like to say that I’m writing for myself, that I’m exorcising demons, or whatever else, having someone read what you have written and then give you … Continue reading

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What do you say when there’s nothing to say?

Well, life has really thrown a lot of stuff at me lately.  All of them are things experienced by other people as well – but when it’s you, you think that it is somehow different; you got the hard version … Continue reading

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Death in the Novel.

Death happens.  It is part of the life we live, and very rarely is it celebrated.  But it is unavoidable. It is like this in the novel too, and sometimes you’ll find yourself putting the knife to someone you never … Continue reading

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