How long?

How long to wait: that is the question.

How long should I leave my novel for before I go back to it and go over it and over it and over it and tweak it and…

How long is long enough.  I know that many people have different opinions, but it is a given that you need time to distance yourself from it.  But at the same time, this is the one – this is the one that I want to get out there, the one that I’m certain that I will take as far as I can.  The temptation would be to pull it out now, just to get on with it.  I don’t think that it’s time though.  It’s still too close, too fresh.

It’s strange when you do get back to a work that you have spent so long on, and got so close to, and know so well.  When you do finally get back to it, it’s not quite how you remembered it: some bits are better, far better, and you wonder how such beautiful lines of prose could come from your mind; and other bits, well, they’re just shit, and then you realise just how much work is left in front of you and fuck it anyway, perhaps this isn’t the one after all, it’ll be the next one that’ll do it and…

So I’ve only been a month off the previous novel and am now cracking into the new one.  Enough distance?  No.  Not yet.  The temptation’s there though.  Another couple of months I think.  At least.  Patience, you see, patience.  After all: this is going to be the one.


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