Why start now?

Why do I feel that now is the time to start this?  I suppose it’s because I feel ready to take things seriously – no that’s not right.  I do that with my work anyway.  Perhaps what I mean is that I feel that it is time to see if other people will take me seriously.

By that I mean that I am at a stage that I am happy with what I do.  I am starting work on my fourth novel and feel that I am somewhere really good with my writing now.  The first novel I wrote will probably never see the light of day, and that’s fine with me; it was a good practice and taught me things that you can only learn from actually writing novels.  After that I spent a little time on short story writing.  Although short stories are not my favourite format for writing, the time spent on these taught me a lot about structure, how to strip the story down so that it was lean and neat and nice to read.

And then I started on my second novel, which really was a false starter; I got about thirty-thousand words deep in it and then it petered out.  Life got in the way, I lost track of it, the characters faded in my mind and lost their urgency (I will return to it after a recent re-read, but big changes this time,) and I just got interested in another story.

With my third novel I brought together a few things that were important to me and things that had happened to me.  That was why there was so much urgency to write this story and leave the previous one.  I had to write this one while the my memory was still fresh.  This story meant a lot to me and I only finished the first draft a few months ago; it is now sitting in a drawer, waiting for that second, third, fourth… so on… rewrite.  When I had finished this story I felt that I had got something, and after an initial read through I was sure I had a – very rough – basis for a great story to go forward with.  I felt that I had written my first proper novel.

Now I have started work on my fourth novel and I feel like things are just getting better and better, and I would like people to see my work.  I would like to be out of the dark and into world of readers and criticism and opinion… and more writing.

So writing from the dark and into the light, I hope to see you again soon.

I will hopefully be uploading some short stories and some examples of my work, so if you like reading, take a look.


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