The beginnings of something?

This is a blog (another one in the ether) about my trials and tribulations as I try to get my novels published.  I suppose I should start with a bit about me, what I write, why I write, why anyone should be interested in it and why I should continue to do it.

So here I go.  What do I write?  I, like all good writers, have many influences, but I do feel the draw of the dark places; where is the interest if nothing is looking like it is teetering on the edge?  I don’t start writing with any particular genre in my mind.  I just write what comes out; my work, however, is certainly influenced by genre fiction and undoubtedly elements of it creep into my writing in one way or the other.  Certain ideas and themes always crop up in my work, and I enjoy exploring them with the written word.

I write because I do.  It’s as simple as that really.  I love stories, I love the way that different threads of narrative pull together to make a new world, a new world that has streamed out of my fingertips and onto my computer screen.  I like spending time with the characters I create, and turning the people I meet in real life into characters.  I simply love writing.  I love seeing what might come out of my head next.

The “why should anyone else be interested in it” bit is a little bit more tricky: that is really where this process is now.  I’ve read a lot.  I’ve read good and I’ve read bad.  Am I better than either?  I think that any writer must suffer from self doubt – or any good writer, anyway – because it is hard to look at yourself objectively.  Like I’ve said before, I love writing and I actually like the stories that I write (otherwise why would I write them) but does that mean that they will have any appeal to other people.  Hopefully this blog will expose me to others who can provide me with some feedback.  Which brings me to the final point of why I should continue to do it.

I write.  I will always write.  If people like it, that’s good.  If they don’t… well I’ll still continue to write.

I hope to post again soon.


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