A bit about the craft.

I really enjoy listening to others talk about their writing, whether it be some famous author that I’m watching on the internet, or one of my many colleagues that happens to write too (it’s true; the world of low-paid and unskilled work is full of penniless, struggling writers; that’s what makes it such a productive environment to be in).  What I really like about it is that although people seem to start from different places, without really thinking about how to go about it, it all ends up very similar.

It’s about time spent, routine, discipline and enjoyment.  I hope that the first three in the list don’t make it sound like too much of a chore, because it isn’t: if it feels like that too often then you should probably rethink what you do with the time you are spending on writing, and ask yourself if it might be better spent somewhere else.

But it is an exercise, and with any exercise you’ll only get better with regular practice.  These are the words that you hear over and over again, and I try to stick by them.

As an aside, I would like to point out that I know this is me writing about me, and is probably a tad indulgent, and what the fuck have I got to say anyway because perhaps no one wants to hear it… yah dah yah dah yah.  But I am writing it, because I like to hear what others have to say sometimes too, and, well, perhaps I want to hear it from me too, so I can see what sort of a writer I am.

So as a rule, I try, whatever the weather, to sit down and write a solid thousand words a day.  Easy as that!  But the key word there is try.  I don’t always hit it.  I know that one-thousand may not seem like a lot, but life does have a habit of getting in the way, what with proper work (remember that low paid, unskilled thing I mentioned), my friends, family, relationship etc.  And it only equates to about an hour’s worth of writing; but of course to write you need the ideas, the flashes of inspiration, and they don’t always turn up either do they; tricky bugger to get hold of sometimes – the muse that is.

So I’m happy if I get a nice round five-thousand a week, and I’ll always try for that.  That’s a good pace for me and I find that it keeps the story rocking along at a good old pace, so boredom doesn’t set in and new ideas don’t try to force out the old; also I think it gives  you a good amount of time to think about what comes next: let the story blossom, don’t try to ram it full of fertiliser to yield tasteless fruit.

Anyway, that’s enough for now.

Hope to write again soon.


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